Project Manager Interview Questions

Project Manager Interview Questions [2022]

You were probably searching for ‘Project Manager Interview Questions’ and happen to land on this page. First off, congrats on deciding to become a project manager. It’s definitely a rewarding career – both in terms of job satisfaction and money.

Let’s look at the job function of a project manager.

The job of a project manager is to coordinate the various tasks, stakeholders, and deadlines involved in a given project. The role can be demanding and stressful.

What does a project manager do on a daily basis? They provide project updates to all stakeholders, motivate team members, ensure work gets done as per expected quality within the deadlines.

The right person for the job will enjoy these challenges and take pride in their accomplishments. Here are some interview questions that will help you get started. During the interview, you might be asked both technical and situational question – so use these answers as guidelines and tailor your response based on the exact question and your experience.

Project Manager Interview Questions

How do you handle a difficult client?

No two clients are the same. For some, you’ll need to be more accommodating while for others, you’ll need to take a firmer stance. When clients are being difficult, the first rule is to stay calm. Listen their concerns and identify what had triggered them to be offensive or difficult.

If needed, repeat what they’re saying and be sympathetic to their concerns. Once done, offer a solution and try to find a middle ground. If they’re being unreasonable, convey the progress made and be transparent about your effort to move ahead with the project. Finish off the conversation with a reassurance to the client and recap the action items.

Can you tell us about the last/previous project(s) you worked on?

The interview is trying to see if you’re the right fit for the job – in terms of skills and ability to handle all types of situations.

Talk about different situations you faced as a project manager, or if you’re looking for an entry-level PM job, talk about these things:

1. How you ensured/will ensure that a project got completed on time despite hurdles
2. Showcase your technical skills, subject matter expertise and how it helped convey business requirements and communicating with all stakeholders
3. How you motivated your team to deliver the expected results
4. Identify instances of ‘project crashing’ and ‘fast-tracking’
5. Identify key words from the job description and try to align with what’s expected off the role

Tell me about yourself/introduce yourself

Here, the interviewer is trying understand the person behind the resume. It is a question to showcase your attitude, skillset, communication skills and a lot more. Keep it short, simple and talk about things that are relevant to the interview/job.

An example: Hello, I’m Mark. Happy to be talking to you. I’m a project manager with over 3 years of work experience handling digital marketing-related projects. I hold a CAPM certification and a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering.

I believe the skills required for the job align with aspirations. I’ve handled teams from different time zones and countries, including Turkey, Russia and the US and have always ensure project gets delivered on time with as less friction as possible. I well versed with project management tools, like Jira and Trello.

How do manage remote teams?

Over communication is the key. Having team members spread across countries and time zones, it’s important to communicate effectively. The first step is to set the right expectations.

Communicating what is expected out of the team members and frequently following up on tasks will ensure they’re always in the loop.

Using communication tools, like Slack or video messaging can greatly help in conveying complex ideas quickly and effectively. Due to lack of non-verbal cues, there are a lot of chances for misinterpretation. Building trust with the team will help in overcoming such situation.

What is the PMI Talent Triangle?

According to the Project Management Institute, The talent triangle focuses on three key skills: Technical Project Requirement, Leadership, Strategic and Business Management.

PMI Talent Triangle

What is the difference between leadership and management?

Leadership is the act of working with, guiding and influencing team members to achieve the expected output. Management is directing team members to get the job done – by the virtue of positional power.
Project managers need to use both leadership and management to successfully complete a project.

To put simply, management involves asking how and when & leadership is about what and why. Here’s a detailed article on the difference between leadership and management.

What are the 5 project management process groups?

According to the PMBOK, the five project management process groups are: initiation, planning, execution, monitor/control and closure.

How many project management knowledge areas are there?

According to the PMBOK, the 10 knowledge areas are: project integration management, project scope management, project time management, project cost management, project quality management, project resource management, project communications management, project risk management, project procurement management, project stakeholder management.

I’ve highlighted the first letter of each process. Remember
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