Project Management Resume Example

Project Management Resume Example

Project Management Resume Example

Six seconds. That’s all it takes for a recruiter to look at your resume and decide if they want to move your application further into the process. The resumes that capture the interest of recruiters have simple layouts, clear headings, proper usage of bullet points and doesn’t make them ‘search’ for your accomplishments. If you’re looking for a project management resume example, you’re at the right place. But before I handover an example, here are some basic rules of a good resume – one that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Tailor Your Project Management Resume

The golden rule of resume-writing is to tailor it to the job description. Most of the resumes go through a software that is designed to do the initial screening. The initial screening involves scanning for appropriate keywords, their density and the experience you’ve mentioned. Most companies have an ATS (Application Tracking System) that does the initial screening of resumes. Your first goal should be to pass that test. Here are some tips to help your project management resume pass the ATS system:

  1. Avoid graphics, complex diagrams or pictures.
  2. Go through the job description, identify the key skills required. Once identified, list them out and include them in your resume in a way that reflects your experience in executing that skill.
  3. If there are abbreviations, expand them in the first instance. For example, write Project Management Institute (PMI) for the first time.
  4. Ensure you submit your project management resume in the right format. If the job posting doesn’t mention the format, it’s safe to send it as a .doc or a .docx file.
  5. Information gets missed in the header of the resume. There are studies proving that up to 25% of the content placed in the header section of the resume gets missed by the ATS.

Highlight accomplishments, not roles and responsibility

Consider these two examples:

Worked as a project manager for multiple projects across different sectors

Improved quality by 15%, cut lead times by 8% and cost by 20% while working on XYZ project with ABC company

What’s the difference between the two lines? The first makes a general statement, outlining the role of a project manager. It doesn’t describe what was done, achieved. The second talks about an achievement in specific terms. When recruiters are scanning resumes, they’re looking for ‘hooks’ that will differentiate, establish the applicant’s credibility, work ethic, knowledge. In this case, the person who has the second line in their resume would stand a higher chance of being picked.

Ensure there’s no vague, general statements in the resume. Ask yourself if that line that you’re writing in your project management resume:

  1. Differentiates you
  2. Highlights your work, and how you solved
  3. Talks about how your work benefited the organization

Skills to include in Project Management Resumes

The number of skills you’d want to list out in your project management resume depends on the job description – not on your experience or certifications. If the skills you possess is required for the job (even loosely related), then go ahead and include that. But do not include skills that are not relevant to the job – even though you might be an expert at it. It wastes space, makes recruiters think you might not be suitable.

The skills that you would want to highlight on any project management resume, irrespective of your experience as a PM are:

  1. Time Management
  2. Communication and interpersonal skills
  3. Leadership
  4. Negotiation, conflict resolution

Having the technical skills/certifications that particular to a domain will make you stand out of the crowd of project management resumes. There are PMs who specialize in software development, construction, digital marketing etc. It’s important to highlight both – technical and PM – skills on your resume. Also, include all of the project management tools you’ve worked with, like Jira, MS Project etc. and the certifications you’ve acquired, like CAPM, PMP or any other recognized ones.

Top Project Management Resume (Senior-level)

Here’s an example of a project management resume that’s suited for senior-level PM roles.

Top Project Management Resume (Junior-level)

Here’s an example of a project management resume that’s suited for junior-level PM roles. The project management resume is the copyright of

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