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JIRA: View Past/Previous Sprint Details [2022]

One of the more common problems that new project managers face when using Jira is to view past/previous sprint details. The moment you close a sprint, the board with all the tasks disappear and one is left to wonder where to find the details.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to view past/previous sprint details in Jira:

  • Click on the Project Settings option on the left pane
View past, previous sprint details in Jira
Click on Project Settings in Jira
  • Once inside, Project Settings, head to Features on the left pane.
Click on Features
  • Enable ReportsVi. Once done, you should see the Reports option on the project’s sidebar.

Reports feature to see past/previous sprints data in Jira

There are different types of reports – each one serving a different purpose.

Burnup reports are visualizations that help you understand the amount of work done in a sprint, while comparing it with the planned work. The report will be available only when Sprints feature in enabled in the project.

A burndown chart is a similar chart but tracks the amount of work done against pending tasks.

The velocity chart would show you the amount of points or issues moved during the sprint. The chart can be used to predict the amount of work that can be planned, and also to view the no. of points committed vs. completed for each sprint.

Each sprint is listed at the bottom and when clicked, will open the list of tasks related to that sprint.

Unable to find it still?

Do note that Reports will be available only when there’s enough to data to visualize or show. Also, some of them require Sprints feature to be enabled. You will also need appropriate access levels to see the reports or enable the feature.

Do leave a comment if you’re still unable to resolve this – or head to the Jira community to check for other potential solutions.

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